It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


At Lillian’s response, a soft chuckle escaped Glenn’s lips. “So it was the same as every other day then?” He took a moment to stretch his arms before following after the girl and meandering out of the school. It was a silent proceeding; their after-school walk had long since become a standard procedure. With a thoughtful hum, the black-haired teen shoved his hands into his pockets. Did he have anything he needed to do? 

"No, nothing imperative," he finally replied, glancing at his ginger friend. "I do have one or two things I was planning to do, but I can postpone them for later." He didn’t see the harm in waiting until after he’d finished to go get things. The corners of Glenn’s mouth quirked up in an amused twist, and he teased her gently. "That is, unless you’re dying to go grocery shopping with me. Why?"

Lillian slowed her pace to walk alongside the boy, looking over to him with a smile. She chuckled in reply to his teasing, thinking whether she’d like to bother him or tag along. She supposed there was a couple things she needed from the store, anyways. 

"I wouldn’t mind tagging along if you wanted to hang out with each other a bit," she said, her voice fading a little towards the end. Even though they had become good friends over the past few weeks she still often felt she was too direct, perhaps pressing the friendship a little too hard. Still, she continued walking hoping she didn’t put the boy off.

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


Glenn used to take his time going to his locker; there had never been anything to rush for, anything worth looking forward to. Over the past couple of weeks, though, he had come to find himself looking forward to the end of the school day. He quickly became friends with this girl, Lillian, and she often came over to see his dog. Yes, the dog- a fact he reminded himself of constantly. Still, it became ‘usual’ for him to see the redhead waiting near his locker. It felt like someone was waiting for him, and…

Well, he wasn’t used to that. 

As soon as a certain familiar face came into his field of vision, a small smile graced Glenn’s lips. He waved as he drew closer, then began to speak when he started to shove books into his locker. 

"Hello," he greeted her, putting his notebooks up neatly. "How was your day?" After neatly sliding his calculator in, he shut the locker door gently and turned to face his younger friend. 

Lillian kept her eyes peeled and waved in return when she saw the boy approaching. She raised her hand with a slight wave as a smile crossed her face. She leaned on her shoulder on the lockers, watching as he put his books away.

"It was alright, really long as always." When the boy closed the locker, she stood on up and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. "What about you?" Without checking to see if he was following, she started walking towards the exit to the school. "You don’t have any plans, do you?" 

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


"Ah-" Glenn had little time to react before Lillian began pulling out her phone, and peered at the number on the screen once she had. "Great, thanks." With a smile, he tucked his own phone into his pocket and readjusted his backpack. "I’ll text you when I get home, then, if that’s okay." 

There was something about Lillian that made it easy to talk to her, and Glenn most definitely appreciated it. It wasn’t often that he had a conversation that flowed so smoothly; in fact, he didn’t think he’d had such smooth conversations when he first met his current friends. Could he take that to mean that he and this girl would become fast friends? A soft chuckle escaped his lips at the thought, a little bit pleased and a little bit hopeful. When he realized that Lillian slowed down, though, he did, too, and the two of them came to a halt.

"…I take it this is your house then?" He asked, glancing at the building for a moment before looking back at his companion. A brief smile crossed his face as he received confirmation, and he waved once. "I’ll see you later," he said, then began meandering back to his own home.

(A while later, after a few minutes of agonizing over what to say, he sent a short text that simply said “Just so you know, it’s ‘Glenn,’ not ‘Glen.’”)

Lillian gave another one of her warm smiles before waving goodbye and heading into her house. She made a straight bee-line to her room where she set out her homework for the day to get it out of the way, and set her phone next to her papers. While she completed her homework, the girl waited impatiently for a text. 

(Almost immediately after getting the message, she replied “oh ty! i ttly got it wrong lol” but waited a few minutes before sending it. She didn’t want to seem too eager, after all.) 


The day at school had been slow and boring, Lillian dragged along in her duties and rejoiced in the times she could spend free time with her friends. What she was looking forward to the most though, happened at the end of the school day. Not just because school was over, but because of what she was going to do afterwards. As soon as the bell rang, the girl packed her bags as quickly as she could and headed for another part of the school. There she waited for a familiar face which she had grown quite close to over the past couple of weeks, and waiting for him seemed to take too long.

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


Having expected at least some form of teasing, Lillian’s reaction was a great relief to Glenn, and he glanced at her, slightly caught off-guard. He’d been so prepared for teasing that now, when someone was actually taking him seriously, he was at a loss for what to do. Slowly, his smile grew wider, and he laughed alongside her. 

"Really?" He asked. "I’m glad then. Dogs really are cute animals…" The boy trailed off, listening to Lillian’s question, and blinked once, twice, slightly taken aback. Suddenly, his grin sprung back onto his face and he nodded. "Sure, why not? She really took a shine to you the first time you met her, so I’m sure she’d like to be able to play with you again. Just, uh…" 

Rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, Glenn turned his gaze to the ground. “I’d like to have some warning before someone comes over, just in case I need to clean up or something, so…” He paused, obviously hesitant. “I know you’re interested in the dog, but can we trade numbers? It’s okay if you don’t want to, though, and I’m sorry if I’m being rude…”

At his first reaction, Lillian felt a ping of guilt in her stomach. Did she come off too strong? It was quickly removed though by Glenn’s smile. She didn’t come on too strong, thank goodness. The girl couldn’t explain it but she just felt a click with him, she could tell they were going to become close friends, quick. 

"O-Oh, that’s okay!! That’d be great!" She tried not to seem too eager or too shocked so she quickly pulled out her phone and got her number on the screen, ready to show him. Action is always better than fumbling. "It’s not rude," She smiled as she waited for him to enter the number. "I thought it was a little rude of me for asking, so, I’m glad it isn’t." 

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


Glenn blinked once or twice when Lillian slowed herself down to match his pace, but he smiled soon enough. It was a sweet gesture, as well as quietly reassuring in showing him that she wouldn’t mind him walking beside her. As soon as the redhead began to speak, though, he instantly felt guilty, shame causing his face to flush. He hadn’t meant to talk about such a sad matter for her, but what was done was done, and he bit his lip a little bit regretfully. “…It’s not silly,” he murmured, but then fell silent again. To apologize now would just bring it back up, so he rubbed the back of his neck, exhaled quietly, and continued on.

"My dog?" He asked, then smiled reflexively; it was clear from the quiet but happy curve of his lips that he was very attached to his pet, and it added a sort of innocent look to his face. "Her name is Lina, and she’s about… Two or three years old? But she’s the puppy of a dog that I had had since I was little. Her name was Luna." He laughed a bit at that, embarrassment touching his voice. "It’s a little goofy for me to have given them matching names, don’t you think? But it’s also kind of…" Ah. Again, the black-haired teen rubbed the back of his neck, this time with a shyer, more embarrassed expression on his face. “…Well, it’s… It’s cute, don’t you think?” 

Lillian watched the boy as he spoke, noting how he became so animated about his pet. It was truly adorable, it’s not everyday that you can find a pet owner like that. Not that she would ever tell anyone, but the girl would frequent an off-leash dog park just to pet all the cutest dogs. And as expected, she would find owners not so enthusiastic. 

"I don’t think it’s goofy at all," She laughed a little as she could see the embarrassment. "It is cute! Honestly sounds like something i would do." The girl walked with a little more spunk in her step, now looking ahead as they walked. "You think maybe I could come over and play with her sometime?" God she hoped that didn’t sound too forward, but if it was for the dog then maybe it wasn’t brash….? 

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


As Lillian replied to Glenn, he put his hands down, a small smile touching his lips. “Really? I’m glad, then.” Truth be told, he felt lucky that he hadn’t irritated her. What if she’d just felt annoyed at some stranger trying to comfort her without knowing anything about her problems? Because really, that was what he was. He didn’t know about her talents, or about her work ethic, or even her family life- he didn’t know anything. All he could see was a kind but worried girl with a gentle smile (but in his opinion, that smile- and the girl who possessed it- had a quiet strength, and he felt it could take her anywhere). 

"It’s not, is it?" Lillian’s chuckle elicited a laugh of Glenn’s own in return, and he brushed some hair away from his face, still smiling. "Then I guess it’s nice to know your name now. That works, right?" The firmness in the girl’s handshake only furthered his opinion about her; as he pulled his hand back, though, he couldn’t help but think that it was still soft, still feminine. 

Glenn shoved his hands into his pockets.

Despite knowing full well that the direction Lillian was headed in was in the opposite one as his house, he followed her, walking just a little bit behind her. It felt too informal to walk beside her, and he didn’t want to bother her by being overly friendly. “The same as you, apparently,” he lied, smiling. Though he felt guilty for lying, he preferred talking to her over simply going home. It was apparent to him that Lillian was a fun girl to talk to, even in spite of the less than thrilling topics they’d covered earlier. 

"So," he began, "Do you… Do you have any pets?"

As she walked, Lillian kept a smile on her face. “Yes, that does work.” She held her books close while shrugging her shoulders ever so softly. The girl was glad to finally have someone else to walk with. She technically should be going to a different school, but since her parents thought this one was better, this school it was. A bit of a longer walk, but at least she knew a couple shortcuts. 

"Oh…" She trailed off and looked a bit behind her, slowing her speed to match his. "I wish I did. I love all animals, really, but my parents are allergic to a lot of things so we just haven’t gotten anything at all." She gave a small chuckle and looked down to her feet as she walked. "It’s pretty silly, really, but they’re the boss I suppose." A bit of a sad tone touched her voice. "Anyways, let’s talk about a pet that matters. How long have you had your dog?" 

Creation; for real this time ( Dr. Tsun and Emmy )


It takes a second for that command to process, but none the less, the android directs her body to move. Bracing her hands on the cool surface of the table, she slowly edges herself to her feet, her toes touching the ground before planting them firmly. The ground, her sensors read, are cold, but she doesn’t react. Instead, she finds her balance, standing straight as her new leverage allows for the absorbtion of her setting.

“Motor skills are functional.”

They certainly were without flaw, but for now, Emmy was just like any other robot in the building. She only absorbed information and regurgitated out. Blue eyes blinked once. Expression deadpan, ready to receive orders.

“Anything else, Dr. Tsun?” she looks up to face the taller man, “What can I help you with?”

Henry watched her as she carefully stood, and let out a long sigh that he didn’t know he was hiding in when she spoke. He still was in disbelief…. He’s finally done it. With minimal help from others, he’s created the most important piece of hardware he could ever manufacture. The andriod’s words brought him back down to earth as he cleared his throat and checked the monitor in front of him, reading the data.

"You can help me with these tests, actually." He went through some pre-determined tests he had prepared and Emmy quickly aced them all. Everything really was perfect. He now wasn’t exactly sure what to do next. Could she handle learning, already? It’s better to try than to never try at all, he supposed….

"Emmy, can you tell me the definition of fun? As in, having fun?"

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


It wasn’t long at all until Glenn caught on to the uncertainty in Lillian’s voice, and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Hey,” he began, his voice firmer, but not unkind. “Don’t stress yourself. Take a moment to relax, then think. You haven’t decided, and that’s okay. Not knowing is okay. The future is still the future, you know? And you have plenty of time to prepare.” A smile. “So it’s okay; you’re okay.” Another moment passed before he jumped slightly, then waved his hands apologetically yet again. “Hah… Look at me, lecturing someone I’ve just met. I’m really, really sorry…” 

Catching sight of the hand that the girl extended to him, he smiled again and shook it quickly, gently. “Lillian? That’s a nice name. Like I said, nice to meet you.” With a nod to show he’d heard her last comments, he glanced towards the school doors. “Seems like the school’s emptying out, but I was kind of having fun talking to you.” Glenn paused there, thinking, then turned to face Lillian again. “You know, if you’d like, we can walk together for a bit- to keep talking, you know? Only if you want to, though.”

Lillian met Glenn’s gaze as he spoke, those were such kind words…. And actually helpful. She did feel a little less stressed about all of it. “Yeah…. maybe you’re right..” She glanced back away when she saw his smile and thought about how nice it looked. “Don’t be sorry at all!” Again she met his gaze, “It helped me a lot. I guess i just never thought about it that way, and no body seemed to be telling me that before.” She hoped she wasn’t coming off the wrong way, it wasn’t much of a good thing to complain to someone you just met.

When she felt the strength he shook her hand with, she smiled and returned with the same amount of force. A good handshake is key to forming a good relationship. That’s what she was always told, anwyays. “It’s nice to meet you too. Even though, technically, this isn’t the first time…” Lillian gave a small chuckle and pulled her hand back to better hold her books. 

Once he brought it up though, Glenn did have a point. The school emptied out quick. “I think walking together would be great, which direction do you live in?” WIthout waiting, the girl started to head for her house. She was glad to have somebody to walk with, as she usually did not. Being alone was probably one of her least favorite things. 

It’s Just a Feeling… [Lillian and Glenn]


"Ah, so you are a junior,” Glenn remarked, silently pleased that he’d gotten it right. …Of course, he had somewhat doubted himself, but still. Folding his arms across his chest for lack of anything better to do with them, the ravenet tilted his head as he listened. 

It was nice to meet someone that actually talked to him for once; for some reason, some of the younger girls went silent when he tried to talk to them (and if he was being honest, it was a little unsettling). “Stressful…?” He echoed, as if the idea was puzzling. “I guess so, but I’ve prepared to the best of my abilities, so all that’s left for now is to wait and see.” Glenn cast the girl a reassuring smile, despite the fact that the one who needed reassurance was most likely him. They might not have talked for long, but he still rather liked talking to… To…?

"Oh, um…" The boy’s smile took on a sheepish edge. "My name is Glenn, by the way. Nice to meet you." He paused, then squinted- he could swear that the girl’s face was red- and continued on to ask her a question. "Are you feeling alright? Your face seems a little bit flushed."

Lillian smiled softly and changed her glance to the ground. “Yeah, seems like you got it all figured out….” She chuckled and shifted her weight to her other hip. “I still don’t even know what college I’m going to, or even if I want to go to college after high school, or, I don’t know….” She trailed off a bit. School has been on her mind a lot, lately, no thanks to her family. Glenn’s(as she just learned) voice pulled her back from her thoughts and she looked up at him again.

"Oh, um, I’m Lillian!" She shifted her books and reached out a hand to the boy in front of her with another warm smile. His next question caught her off guard, she had completely forgotten about those thoughts from just a moment ago. As she looked at him she could see how perfect his teeth were, and again, those wonderful eyes… "N-No! I’m okay, thank you!"

Creation, for real this time ( Dr. Tsun and Emmy )


"Hello, Doctor." She faces straight ahead, unblinking and expressionless. "Prototype Number: X4L9. Name: Emmy."

Slowly, the android turns to face her creator. “Processes complete. Drivers successfully installed. There appears to be no problems at the moment.”


"How may I be of assistance, Doctor?"

Even though she stared at the doctor expectantly, her eyes scanned her surroundings. According to her database (Google Maps), her current location must be the lab. Lights shined onto her face, but they didn’t faze her at all. She…doesn’t know how to react to all of this.

Gears whirred in her head (should she call it a mind? she is humanoid after all), absorbing her surroundings and skimming through various sources on the prestigious Dr. Tsun.

Henry sat in disbelief. He finally did it…. Years of hard work and late nights have all cultivated right in front of him. It was like angels were singing when she said there appears to be no problems. He almost didn’t know what to do next, even though he’s had it planned for a what seemed like months.

"I… uh," He suddenly felt the need to clear his throat. "The first thing you can do is stand up, please. Nice and steady," He wasn’t sure how well this would go. He knew he had checked and double checked and triple checked that she was perfectly put together, it shouldn’t be a problem. But he couldn’t help but be nervous.